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We specialize in the conceptualization, design, execution, and promotion of landmark studies exploring key trends and implications of China's emerging identity, as a cultural force, consumers, market players, and political actors.


YCG advances our work through independent research, partnered research, strategic consulting, and the development of educational and market training programs.




Want to better understand how Young China will be impacting your world and industry?

In the past two years, Author and YCG Founder Zak Dychtwald has been invited to speak at conferences and summits across five continents, including the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival and Cannes Lions. He specializes in conferences organized around consumer trends, financial services, travel, innovation and technology, advertising, and general interest. For more information, click here.



They say you don't truly think about a market till you wake up there. Your leaders need to know Young China from the inside.

China increasingly leads the world in forward-leaning consumer technologies. YCG designs an itinerary and curriculum for your organization's leaders to understand "insider's China" at speed. We work with a best-in-class Chinese tour operator and on the ground resources to facilitate behind-the-scenes company and factory visits as well as memorable tourist experiences.


October 8, 2019

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Most often when Westerners look at China they look at one of two things: either a big, "Communist" government, which we find scary, or a rising, robust macro-economy, which we find exciting. We rarely look at the people, particularly China'...

October 8, 2019

It’s easy, in the United States, to talk about China as a monolith. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. As in the West, Chinese society is divided by inequality, geography, gender, and generation — after all, China is home to more than one billion peopl...

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