• Zakary Dychtwald

Aspen Institute Ideas Festival: China's Next Chapter

It’s easy, in the United States, to talk about China as a monolith. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. As in the West, Chinese society is divided by inequality, geography, gender, and generation — after all, China is home to more than one billion people. As we seek to understand China’s role in the 21st century, we do well to consider where change is coming from inside Xi’s China. How do young Chinese see themselves and their country? How are Chinese feminists connecting with a global community of women around #MeToo? Beyond the economics and the infrastructure and the jockeying for global dominance, how is China changing? And how will that change the world?

Zak Dychtwald took the stage alongside The Alantic's James Fallows, the legendary Yang Lan, and journalist and author Leta Hong Fincher at the 2019 Aspen Institute Ideas Festival. Listen to the conversation here:


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